Thursday set records for rain. But summer really is around the corner.

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Don’t despair. Summer really is around the corner, even though Thursday was about as miserable as it gets around here in June.

“Soaking rains are a thing of the past,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Dustin Guy. By Saturday, he said, we’re going to get “close to normal” and then we’re in for a “long-term trend of warmer, drier weather.”

But first, the misery.

Thursday’s rainfall of just over an inch set a record for June 15, nearly tripling the previous record from 1964.

Seattle Summer Guide 2017

It was the wettest June day since 2001, and the seventh-wettest since the weather service began keeping records at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 1945.

It was also cool, with a high of 61. The average for the date is 70.

Things begin warming up Friday. It should reach into the mid- to upper-60s, with showers “few and far between,” Guy said.

Saturday, we’re likely to get close to 70 with partly sunny skies.

And then — wait for it — the temperature is expected to break 70 on Sunday and possibly climb into the upper 70s on Monday.

It might cool off slightly as the week goes on. But after a day like Thursday, who cares?