Don't worry, Seattle. It's just rain. Warnings of a slim chance of snow are nothing to worry about, the National Weather Service says.

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Amid predictions of snow this week in regions throughout the Pacific Northwest, the National Weather Service in Seattle says we can all calm down.

“The first half of the month got people on edge about snow, understandably,” said meteorologist Dustin Guy.

Some areas, such as Bonney Lake, saw snowflakes Tuesday night, but most regions experienced the precipitation as good, old-fashioned rain.

A convergence zone, which is predicted later this week, could bring the snow level down a few hundred feet closer to sea level and — again — bring snowflakes instead of rain to some areas.

“But it’s not going to be anything like what we saw,” Guy said.

Precipitation that fell Tuesday into Wednesday brought 20 inches of snow to Paradise on Mount Rainier, he said. For most though, it was just rain.

Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be dry, with a chance of rain on Friday into Saturday.

Basically, Guy said, it’s back to our usual programming.

“Winter is still going,” he said.

That also means you will need to bundle up. This month has been colder than usual, and that trend is expected to continue this week.