Will we get snow on Sunday?

It depends on which weather system “wins” the battle for dominance this weekend, according to the National Weather Service of Seattle.

Right now, the Puget Sound area is being influenced by a dry, cool system that’s bringing overnight temperatures in the 20s and low 30s and daytime highs near 40 degrees, but a wet system is rolling toward the region, said meteorologist Jacob DeFlitch.

That means Friday and Saturday will be very similar to Thursday, he said.

“Bundle up if you’re going out the door,” he advised people heading out in the morning. Afternoons will be sunny, dry, not too gusty and “barely up to 40.”

Sunday’s weather is the question. A wet system is heading north from the interior, bringing chances of precipitation to the Puget Sound area, DeFlitch said.

“The system is heading north but weakening as it does so,” he said. “It will be running into all this dry air up here, so the question is which is going to win the battle.”


If there is enough moisture in the air, there could be snow flakes or a mix of snow and rain, he said.

Olympia and other places south of Seattle are the most likely to see snow, he said.

In Seattle, a couple snowflakes might be all we notice, he said.

“At least that’s the current thinking right now,” he said.

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