The ongoing dry spell might get the silver medal next week as the second-longest no-rain streak in Seattle history.

Thursday marks the 45th consecutive day the city has gone without rain. While there have been drizzles in neighboring places like Bellevue and Bremerton, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where the city’s weather is officially recorded, has yet to report any measurable rain since June 14.

The current record for most consecutive days without rain stands at 55 days in 2017. The next longest stretch was 51 days in 1951.

But the Emerald City’s chance at nabbing the second-place record could be foiled this weekend, or by the cold front coming at the end of next week, said National Weather Service meteorologist Mike McFarland.

Heatwave expected in northwest Oregon, southwest Washington

While there will be some summer monsoon showers and clouds forming over the Cascade Mountains over the weekend, most will likely dry up before reaching Seattle, he said, resulting in only a chance of showers on Sunday.

A Pacific cold front and humid air expected next Thursday could also bring showers and break the dry streak, McFarland said. If that’s the case, Wednesday would mark the 51st day without rain, tying the record for second.

The chance of rain and the city’s chance at setting a new second-place record will become clearer after the weekend.