Rainfall in the Seattle area remains more than an inch below average for the year.

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It’s blustery out there, and meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Seattle say it’s likely to remain so much of the week.

After one of the driest summers on record in the Puget Sound, the region finally got a little rain starting Friday.

Though the tally of about a fifth of an inch of rain through Tuesday morning at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport remains below normal for the start of September, meteorologist Steve Reedy says by the end of the week we could easily catch up to the month’s total average. That’s just over two-fifths of an inch.

The trough off the coast of Washington right now is expected to remain in the area through Thursday and then be replaced by another low-pressure weather system out of Canada that could linger through the weekend, according to the weather service.

Dustin Guy, another weather service meteorologist, explained that weather is basically made up of two systems: high-pressure ridges that in our hemisphere move clockwise and create sinking air and dry weather, and troughs that move counterclockwise, causing a rising motion that creates clouds and precipitation.

In general, Reedy said, we are about 1.37 inches below average in terms of rainfall for the year. However, he said, we are likely to have a “fairly showery period” through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

“If we see additional rainfall, that could gain us some ground and we could catch up to normal before the month is done,” said Reedy.