Summer temperatures are sticking around the Seattle area a little bit longer.

According to the National Weather Service, Seattle will see highs in the 70s Friday through Sunday.

The trend of cloudy, foggy mornings clearing up into sunny afternoons should continue, according to NWS. With fewer low clouds expected Friday morning, it may end up being the warmest day of this stretch, said meteorologist Trent Davis.

On Thursday, readings from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and AirNow — home of the U.S. Air Quality Index — showed air quality in the Emerald City was “moderate” or “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

Why air quality may look fine on your phone, despite smoke in Seattle

“Good” air quality is forecast through the weekend however, according to AirNow.


As there won’t be any rain to scrub the air, any smoke in the area is expected to linger at least until Monday or Tuesday, when a wind pattern may push it out, Davis said.

While initial forecasts showed Friday’s high could set a record, that’s looking less likely. The daily record set in 2012 for Oct. 7 was 75 degrees. The forecast for Friday is for 72 degrees.

Seattle has this year seen its warmest start to October in decades. The month, which typically sees around 4 inches of precipitation, has so far accumulated none. The dry spell is forecast to continue through Wednesday.

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Forecasters are watching a high pressure system that may return to the region by midweek. If that’s the case, warm and dry weather could continue. As of Thursday afternoon, the forecast showed highs dropping to the mid-60s from Monday to Wednesday, giving Seattle a taste of its typical fall chill.