After a miserably hot summer across much of the U.S., the Seattle tourism board is using the city’s infamous (or famous, depending on who you ask) wet weather as a selling point by taking a pop-up rain booth on the road.

A Reuters video shows a booth in Venice Beach, California, slowly drip water down on people as they kiss and pose for photos in front of a backdrop of the Space Needle and the Olympic Mountains (don’t ask how they’re visible on a rainy day).

Visit Seattle Chief Marketing Officer Ali Daniels is captured wearing a shirt with the words: “Have you ever kissed in the rain?” Anyone can visit the rain booth to cool off and feel “a little of the Seattle romance,” she said.

Seattle has six kinds of rain. Can you name them?

The booth appears to fall into the tourism board’s strategy of romanticizing Seattle’s gloomy weather and the magic of “dancing,” “singing” and yes, “kissing” in the rain.

Little do these Venice beachgoers know, Seattle (where less than half of the homes are air-conditioned) is likely in for more 90-degree temperatures this week.

The heat is causing some grizzled locals and overcast aficionados to grumble, wishing for some of the rain the city’s tourism board is advertising in California.