Seattleites last reveled in this warm of weather on Sept. 28, 2017, according to the National Weather Service.

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It had been 210 days since Seattle felt the level of sweltering heat and sun of Thursday afternoon.

But who is counting?

The Rainy City, which just months ago completed the wettest four-year stretch in recorded history, capped a series of mostly warmer-than-usual days this week with a peak high temperature of 82 degrees around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

That marked the first 80-degree day of 2018 and tied the day’s record for warmth, according to records by the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Seattleites last reveled in that degree of heat on Sept. 28, when the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport recorded a high temperature of 86 degrees, weather-service meteorologist Johnny Burg said. The service gauges conditions for the Seattle metro area at the airport.

The first record for 82 degrees on April 26 was set in 1947.

Bellingham, about 90 miles north of Seattle, broke its previous record for the day around 4:15 p.m., with a high temperature of 75 degrees, the service reported.

Early Thursday, another meteorologist, Dana Felton, added up some numbers and found that of the 2,216 days in April since temperatures started being recorded in 1945 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, we’ve hit 80 degrees 16 times.

Thursday’s afternoon high temperature made day 17 s— or less than 1 percent of recorded April days.

“The 80s are pretty rare in April in Seattle,” Felton said.

Thursday rounded out a string of warm days with a high of 69 degrees on Monday, a record-breaking 77 degrees on Tuesday and 75 degrees on Wednesday.

Though those temperatures are prime for getting outside and recreation, Burg emphasized that this is the time of year for people to be cautious about jumping in any water, as its cold temperatures can cause hypothermia. “Don’t go diving in.”

And people who are fond of cooler weather — and rain — should feel some relief as temperatures are expected to dip into the mid-60s by Friday.

The service’s extended forecast calls for a chance of rain showers every day through Monday, beginning Friday night.

Seattle Times staff reporter Christine Clarridge contributed to this report.