If you were thinking this past weekend felt extra chilly for October, you’re on the money.

Though it wasn’t a record breaker, the high temperature of 49 degrees recorded Sunday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was the coolest October high temperature in eight years, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

The last time we had such a cool October day was Oct. 22, 2012, which reached a high of 46 degrees, the weather service said.

A few other sites did break daily records Sunday: Olympia’s 26-degree low beat its 1978 record of 29 degrees; Hoquiam dipped one degree lower than its record of 32 degrees, set in 1954; and the weather service office in Seattle was two degrees colder than its 2007 record of 38 degrees.

With moist, cool air headed down Monday morning from British Columbia, some residents of Western Washington, from Lynden down to Seattle, reported seeing graupel, snowflakes, snow pellets and icy rain. Seattle saw a high of 52 degrees Monday, and northern Washington, including parts of Whatcom County, saw some rain and ice pellets earlier in the day, said weather service meteorologist Samantha Borth.

But warmer weather is on the way, said weather service meteorologist Matthew Cullen, and by Wednesday and Thursday, high temperatures should be close to 60 degrees. Overnight lows, too, will rise from the low 30s we saw over the weekend into the mid-40s, he said.


We could see sun in the afternoons, he said, but the skies aren’t expected to fully clear.

“In general, there will be decreasing clouds through the day,” he said. “Not totally blue skies and not totally gray.”

By the end of the week, though, we could see another front moving in and bringing rain, he said.

When the temperatures drop below freezing, any moisture on the roads can freeze and create slick spots, so people should be careful when commuting or traveling.

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