The next seven days have been historically the driest on the climate record. Could we go 52 days without rain and break the dry-weather record?

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Seattle has broken into the top 10 dry-weather streaks on record, but can we reach the No. 1 spot?

Two weeks from today, on Aug. 7, we’d tie for the most consecutive days — 51 — without measurable rainfall. That record streak ended Aug. 26, 1951.

One thing that could help push us over the top: We are entering the driest week in the climate record over the next seven days, with measurable rain falling on just 10 percent of them in 71 years, according to the National Weather Service.

But “there’s no way to tell since it’s still 14 days away and we can’t forecast that far out,” Weather Service meteorologist Gary Schneider said on Monday morning. Schneider said the weather service really doesn’t forecast more than a week in advance. There’s no rain predicted for the coming week.

“It looks possible, though I cannot say with confidence that we’ll get there,” said Schneider of the all-time record. “Climatologically, it is the driest part of the year, so there’s a good chance.”