If it feels like winter weather is lingering in the Seattle area and it’s taking longer than usual to warm up, that’s because it is.

While the month is not over just yet, it’s on track to be the third-coldest April in Seattle over the last 45 years and the 13th-coldest ever, according to the National Weather Service of Seattle.

Overall, the average temperature this April has been 46.5 degrees, compared with our typical 51-degree average. This year, April 13 tied for the coldest April day on record at 38 degrees, according to meteorologist Dustin Guy.

And though this month’s chilly temperatures don’t directly indicate next month’s, the influence of La Niña remains, said meteorologist Dana Felton.

La Niña tends to bring cooler and wetter weather. This is our second consecutive La Niña year.

So far, this month’s rainfall is slightly below normal, with Seattle receiving 2.18 inches, with 2.85 inches the usual average. However, heavy rain coming later this week could bring the total up, said Guy.

La Niña could enter rare third straight year. Here’s what that means

Chances of showers are predicted for Wednesday and Thursday.

“And we’ve got a decent weather system coming in Friday into Saturday morning that may not make up all the ground but will get us closer to normal,” he said.