If not quite full-on rain, the drops at Sea-Tac Airport did the trick to end our dry streak at 56 days.

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It rained. Technically.

But you would barely know it, based on the total precipitation for the day; however, early Sunday the National Weather Service (NWS) station at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport measured 0.02 inches of rain — just enough to proclaim the record 56-day dry streak over.

The “puddle,” as Jay Albrecht, an NWS forecaster, called it — he rejected any declaration of full-on rain — was measured at 12:53 a.m. Sunday. But, as Albrecht explained, because precipitation is measured on Pacific Standard Time, not Daylight Saving Time, it really rained at 11:53 p.m. Saturday.

For posterity, Saturday will not be credited as rain-free.

Let the word go forth, though, that we made it through, smoky haze and all, to break the previous record of 51 days set in 1951.

The last recorded rainfall this summer was June 17. It seemed a simpler time.