Last week, we asked readers to send us their rainy weather haikus.

Precipitation poems poured into our inbox — we received more than 100 submissions.

We narrowed down our favorites, then asked for your help crowning a winner. More than 600 people voted in our poll, and more than 200 voters agreed on which haiku should be named champion.

At least 4 weather systems lined up for Seattle area — expect a normal, rainy November week

Here is the winning haiku, submitted by Peter Breysse:

Symphony of rain
Oratorio of wind
Fall’s concert begins

Now retired, Breysse taught English at Mountlake Terrace High School. He lives in Everett, and said he loves “the variability of a Northwest autumn.”

As for inspiration for his winning haiku, Breysse said he let his memory “take me to a moment at the shore and a similar storm and tried to make that moment be real again.”

Those of us who enjoyed Breysse’s whimsical weather words are in luck: His winning haiku was just one of eight he sent in. Here are the seven others:

Dark cloud deep river
Swirling pressure gradients
O’er breech the sky …

I will rain to the
Length breadth depth my gales can stretch
Let me count the ways …

Turnpike of water
Highway paved with high winds
Pay the torrents toll

Atmosphere’s river
Undermines, overflows ahh
La Niña skips rope

Free verse cadences
Dark sky begins to intone
Rain recites its poem

Torrential torment
Gun grey clouds discharge such wrath
Rain-sleek cats set free

Descend the spiral
Atmospheric stairway path
What rough beast is this?