The Bellingham area saw a dusting of snow early Sunday, with more possible in coming days.

Snow could be falling on Western Washington for much of this week, forecasters said Sunday, with the greatest chance for small accumulations beginning Tuesday night and continuing through Thursday.

Sunday morning could bring more snow for parts of the region, though any snowfall is likely to be a dusting and largely limited to the highest hills and places near the Cascades, according to the National Weather Service.

Later this week, snow could accumulate more significantly in areas lower than 500 feet of elevation, possibly snarling traffic.

“Currently the most likely scenario is for minor accumulations (less than an inch) for all lowland areas below 500 feet,” the weather service reported Sunday, with a less than 20% chance of snow drifts deeper than an inch in some areas.

The snow could continue beyond Thursday into next weekend but likely in trace accounts, forecasters said.