The cold weather system from Canada that had forecasters predicting unseasonable cold and light snow in the Puget Sound lowlands has shifted west, changing the weekend forecast, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

That doesn’t mean we won’t get some cold, rainy weather, wind and possibly a flake or two, but the impacts are likely to be more mild than was forecast earlier this week, said meteorologist Steve Reedy.

“It will still be a fairly cold system,” he said Thursday, “but fortunately it’s keeping a little further west. We could get some flakes as we get into Friday night and Saturday morning, but (snow) doesn’t look to be lining up for us as convincingly. Precipitation in the lowlands will fall as rain.”

Reedy said Thursday is likely to be sunny and clear due to an upper-level ridge that’s currently over the Pacific Ocean. By Thursday night, clouds and rain will roll in and temperatures are expected to drop.

Overnight lows Friday into Saturday — which could be clear with sun breaks after the rain passes through — are expected to hover near 32 degrees in Seattle and drop into the mid-20s to 30s Saturday night into Sunday morning, he said.

By Sunday night, he said, it will start to warm up and we are likely to see a “nice, sunny start to next week with highs in the mid-40s.”