You’re not imagining things — it is colder and wetter than usual.

The high on Friday is expected to reach about 52 degrees, compared with the 64 we usually experience at the beginning of May, according to the National Weather Service of Seattle.

Seattle has six kinds of rain. Can you name them?

“It’s definitely on the cooler side,” meteorologist Mary Butwin said Friday morning.

In fact, 90 mph winds and a temperature of 18 degrees recorded at Camp Muir made Mount Rainier the coldest spot in the U.S. on Thursday, factoring in wind chill, the local weather service said on Twitter.

And there’s no big change in sight for the weekend — or even through all of next week.


We’ll have a mostly dry morning Friday, Butwin said, but another rain system is expected to roll in later in the day and continue through Saturday.

Sunday will be “slightly drier but still wet,” she said.

The wet weather in the forecast prompted the Washington State Department of Transportation to postpone scheduled work on I-5 and related lane closures.

And the unsettled pattern continues through most, if not all, of next week thanks to an upper-level trough from Canada that seems stuck over us, she said.

“We do our forecast through Friday,” she said, “and I don’t see a full day of sun. There’s a lower chance of rain later in the week, but it’s still that off-and-on showery thing.”