Forecasters are predicting something pretty common for November in the Seattle area: Rain, rain and more rain.

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This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: It is, after all, November in the Pacific Northwest. But next week is most likely going to be pretty darn wet.

After a dry Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, a series of “pretty active upper-level, low-pressure systems” will be moving in, bringing winds and rain all through the week and possibly beyond, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

They’ll roll in “one after another after another,” said meteorologist Steve Reedy, and will keep the rain coming for what he says looks like a pretty wet stretch for the next seven to nine days.

“And it doesn’t look like there will be much improvement as we go into day nine and 10,” he said.

A composite of satellite images show weather systems over the Pacific Ocean on Nov. 9. (NASA)
A composite of satellite images show weather systems over the Pacific Ocean on Nov. 9. (NASA)

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However, he said, “Even though it’s going to seem really gloomy with day after day of the slog, it’s pretty typical of what we see this time of year.”

The weather service predicts there is a potential for strong winds on Monday and especially heavy precipitation on Tuesday, though no warnings or advisories have been issued.

Though this current forecast is consistent on all the weather service’s computer models, the agency warned that even the most advanced computer models and the most highly trained meteorologists can be wrong. Forecasts are predictions that may not always turn out perfectly accurate.

“That’s the fun of weather forecasting,” Reedy said. “It’s always a roller coaster. If you think about all the micro-processes that are taking place, sometimes all it takes is a cloud in the wrong place to change it.”

“It’s like a chain reaction in some ways,” he said. “It’s one big ocean of air all around us, so things halfway around the world can affect us.”

Nevertheless, it still looks like we’re in for a long rainy week.