Forecasters are predicting at least one more 80-degree day in the region after "a twist of events."

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A couple of weeks ago, it seemed like hot days were behind us in the Seattle area.

But it looks like we’ll get one last hurrah of warmth.

In what the National Weather Service office in Seattle is calling “a twist of events,” there’s a strong likelihood temperatures will climb Tuesday and Wednesday and reach a high of 80 or 81 degrees on Thursday.

That’s due to a high-pressure system that’s building up right now offshore and will be headed our way shortly. In addition, there will be some winds developing off the Cascades.

The combination of those two things around here usually gives us warm weather, according to meteorologist Jay Albrecht.

Albrecht said high temperatures are expected to reach 71 on Tuesday once the morning clouds burn off, 77 on Wednesday and up to 81 on Thursday.

“It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous midweek period,” he said.

If it reaches 80 degrees on Thursday, it will not be a record breaker, but it will be the latest 80-degree day since 2003.

Enjoy it while you can, said Albrecht, as it appears there is a major weather pattern change starting Friday: There will be lots of clouds, a chance of rain and temperatures will creep down to the mid-60s. Saturday will be a “cool, showery day with highs struggling to get into the 60s.”

And after that, well, it’s uncertain, said Albrecht, who described the upcoming work week’s weather as “cool and unsettled.”

“As we move into the first half of next week, some forecast models say there will be a drying-off period with temperatures warming and others say it will stay very chilly and wet,” he said.