We might get a little rain Friday and Saturday, but after that, expect sunshine and highs into the low 70s.

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Sun lovers, rejoice.

Once we push through the rain that’s forecast for Friday night and Saturday, it’s gonna be clear skies and golden warmth for almost a week, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

A frontal system will pass through the Seattle metro area Friday evening, bringing showers and cooler temperatures — dipping down to the mid-50s — that could linger through the day Saturday.

“But after that, the forecast shows it will be dry and warmer on Sunday and into much of next week, possibly Wednesday or even Thursday,” weather service meteorologist Jeff Michalski said.

Highs during that stretch could reach into the upper 60s to low 70s on Monday, and they could creep up into the low 70s on Tuesday and Wednesday, Michalski said.

Good news, too, for those who plan to go outside late Friday afternoon, oh, let’s just say about 40 minutes before 5 p.m., for the heck of it. The weather service predicts “hazy” sunshine and a “high” of about 60 degrees.

Good times. Good times indeed.