Seattle is expected to swelter under daytime temperatures approaching 90 and warm nights this week.

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The sweltering July heat may have receded, but summer isn’t over in Seattle, with temperatures expected to creep into the 90s this week.

For three days starting Tuesday, temperatures will be nearing 90, said Jay Albrecht, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Luckily, Albrecht said it won’t be too humid. But temperatures will likely stay in the mid-60s at night, and it could leave people without air conditioning uncomfortable in the midweek heat, he said.

According to census data, Seattle is the least air-conditioned metro area in the country, leaving some readers to resort to creative tactics such as wetting and freezing their clothes, becoming nocturnal and eating ice cream for dinner.

The National Weather Service will monitor the heat, as it increasingly looks like a heat advisory may need to be issued, Albrecht said. But there’s still some uncertainty about how hot it will really get, he said.

The National Weather Service has been reminding followers on social media to take precautions in the hot weather, recommending that people limit their time outdoors if they are vulnerable to the heat and stay hydrated.

Albrecht is also warning people to be careful with fire.

“It’s going to be pretty warm and dry. There’s not much moisture in the grass, so we’re asking people to be careful,” he said.

It’s possible wildfire smoke will return to the area by Tuesday night or Wednesday. While smoke from California and Oregon wildfires appears to be on its way to Eastern Washington, it may make its way to Seattle, Albrecht said. The Seattle area saw smoky skies and high temperatures last week.