The Seattle area's forecast calls for a whopping 81 degrees on Thursday. Only 10 times since 1945 has the area had a streak of three or more days of 70 degrees-plus in April.

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Maybe it’s a good day to do some gambling, Seattle.

After all, we’re about to get lucky with an odds-defying stretch of warm, sunny days with temperatures that will soar into the 70s, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

We could see three days of 70-plus-degree weather beginning Tuesday, weather service meteorologist Johnny Burg said. Thursday could reach a high temperature of 81 degrees, one degree below the day’s all-time record.

“It’s pretty rare for us to get three days in a row above 70 in April here in Seattle,” said another meteorologist, Dana Felton, early Monday. “It’s only happened 10 times since 1945 that we’ve had a streak of three or more days of 70 degrees plus in a row” in April.

On Monday, Seattleites enjoyed the work week’s first taste of sun and warmth; thermometers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport recorded the day’s high temperature of 69 degrees around 3 p.m., Burg said.

Meteorologists expect Tuesday’s weather to be a bit warmer, with a high temperature of 74 degrees, he said.

That is just two degrees shy of the day’s all-time record high, set in 1977, according to the service.

Other places across the region — such as Olympia with a forecast of 79 degrees or Hoquiam with one of 76 degrees — are on pace to shatter records for warmth Tuesday, Burg said.

Wednesday’s forecast at the Seattle airport shows a high of 75 degrees.

Over the last 74 years, Felton said, we’ve only seen 10 Aprils with stretches of days in the 70s. Six times they were three-day stretches, three times they were four-day periods and once it was a five-day stretch. That was two years ago “when we had four days in the 80s, which crushed the record,” Felton said.

The chance of getting three days in a row of temperatures above 70 degrees is 1 in 345, Felton said.

Regardless, Friday will see a return to cooler temperatures, though the computer models do not agree on whether that will be accompanied by rain, Felton said.

“We’ll be back to normal and probably won’t even get to 60 on the weekend,” he said.

While certainly people should go out and enjoy the weather if inclined, Felton cautioned that this is the time of year for people to be wary about jumping in any water.

“It’s still really cold and you can actually go into shock pretty fast,” he said. “It looks inviting because it’s hot, but we tell people to wear a life jacket or just stay out.”