Rain and gusts of wind are expected along most of the I-5 corridor Monday evening and Tuesday morning. But Wednesday could kick off a week of mostly dry days, with temperatures potentially hitting the low 60s over the weekend.

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Aside from a “typical” front that’s expected to bring rain and some gusty winds into the Puget Sound region through Tuesday morning, the rest of the week is looking to be clear, dry and — dare we say — almost vernal.

“It’s finally starting to look like spring is coming,” said Danny Mercer, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle. “It looks like we have a fairly dry pattern most of the week and there’s a chance we could hit 60 degrees on Saturday and especially Sunday.”

A front is expected to reach the coast on Monday around the time of the afternoon commute, bringing rain and 35 to 40 mph gusts of wind along most of the Interstate 5 corridor, Mercer said. The wind could cause some isolated power outages, he said, but otherwise is not expected to be disruptive to most.

That same front will set off a snow advisory in the mountain passes, though, so people traveling across the state could be more affected by the precipitation, Mercer said.

Once Wednesday arrives, Mercer said, we begin a week of mostly dry days with some high clouds and warming temperatures.

Folks at the weather service in Seattle have called spring “the season of disappointment” due to a historical pattern of alternating warm and sunny weather followed by stretches of rain and cooler temperatures.

“I agree that, based on past experience, that’s true, but the last two years haven’t been too bad,” Mercer said.

When the sun is out and temperatures are warmer than usual, as they are predicted to be for the next 10 days, you might as well enjoy it, Mercer said. “It will probably (get cooler) at least a few times between now and early July.”