"After we get this wind and rain out of the way, New Year's Eve is going to be nice and dry," the National Weather Service says.

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Here’s a forecast for those who plan to toast the New Year: drink and dry.

Notice, the word is dry, not drive. Just making double-sure you read that right.

After a wet Friday and Saturday, New Year’s Eve will bring dry, clear weather.

For those planning to take in the New Year’s fireworks at the Space Needle, the National Weather Service predicts clear skies with only a few high clouds and temperatures of about 36 to 37 degrees.

Friday, as you’ve likely noticed, is wet and it’s going to be that way all day, all evening and possibly into early Saturday — with as much as an inch of rain, according to meteorologist Art Gaebel of the Weather Service in Seattle.

The rain could bring some slight flooding at susceptible rivers, he said, but it’s predicted to be minor.

“Around here, an inch is nothing,” he said.

In the Puget Sound area, we will also have a wind advisory that will be in effect from Friday evening through Saturday morning due to a southerly wind of 15 to 30 mph with possible gusts of up to 45 mph.

In the Seattle area, the highs will be 45 to 50 degrees on Friday, 45 degrees on Saturday and in the lower 40s on Sunday.

In addition, a winter storm warning has been issued for the mountains, where eight to 12 inches of snow are expected overnight.

Gaebel said there were also some reports of freezing rain, “which is worse than snow” in some mountain passes.

But, he said, “after we get this wind and rain out of the way, New Year’s Eve is going to be nice and dry.”

“Just take it easy for the next couple days,” he said.