We're set to finish January with a stretch of cloudy-but-warm days.

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Newcomers experiencing their first winter in the Seattle area could very well conclude that the rainy season here isn’t all that bad.

But this month is not a good measure, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle. It’ll go down in the books as one of the mildest on record.

“This is not a typical winter,” meteorologist Dana Felton said. “January is going to end up well below normal, rain-wise, and will probably end up being the fifth-driest January in 25 years.”

Seattle just had the warmest first half of January ever recorded here. This month is on track to be about 4 degrees warmer than average, Felton said.

A ridge of high pressure building offshore is leading forecasters to predict that the next six days are likely to be dry, though overcast for much of the time.

“It’s going to be more cloudy than sunny for the next couple of days,” he said, “but we may see a little more sunshine over the weekend, at least in the afternoons.”

The next chance of rain is predicted for Wednesday, and that’s the only wet day expected for the rest of the month, Felton said. In the meantime, he said, we’re expecting “a pretty good dry stretch.”

High temperatures over the next week are likely to creep into the lower 50s with overnight lows around 40, Felton said.

“You cannot judge our winters by this one,” Felton said.