Sure, it’s still cold and wet, but don’t despair. Remember, it only feels like it will never be warm again.

Maybe it won’t be this weekend or next week (except for Friday and Sunday, when we’ll get a break from the gray). But soon! Really!

Remember that by the end of June last year, it was 108 degrees.

This current bout of cool weather, which earlier this week brought us some of the coldest April days on record in Seattle, is due to a trough of low pressure that’s been camping over the Puget Sound region, according to Steve Reedy, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle.

“It’s not been in any hurry to go anywhere,” he said.

It will finally push eastward by Sunday, he said, which opens up the possibility for a sunny day with a high near 55.

By Sunday night, however, a new frontal system moves in bringing more wet and showery weather through at least the first half of next week, Reedy said.

Overnight lows next week could dip down into the upper 30s, Reedy said, but it won’t be as cold as it was this week.