Smoke has blanketed the region and much of Washington state for more than a week.

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It’s here! It’s here! A long-awaited weather change is on its way and is bringing cooler air with it right now! Today — Friday — is expected to be a full 6 degrees cooler than yesterday, according to the weather service.

Jay Albrecht, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Seattle, said a “disturbance that’s coming in from the southwest, from the Eugene (Oregon) area, will move into the Cascades and might even bring a clap of thunder to the Seattle area.”

Though thunder and a bit of foggy rain are not promised, he said, what is certain is that the cooler marine air “will get us back to normal and blow the smoke back up to B.C. where it came from,” Albrecht said.

The Puget Sound region has been under an oppressive weather system for the past two weeks,  bringing a record-breaking dry stretch and excessive heat, with daytime temperatures in the near triple digits and overnight lows in the near 70s.

A blanket of haze blown down from British Columbia, which is battling one of the worst recorded wildfire seasons ever, brought additional misery for some.

“The process has already started,” said Albrecht. “Fog and low clouds are up close to Sea-Tac (International Airport) right now and will be moving into Seattle. It will be cooler today with a high in the lower 80s, which is about 6 degrees lower than yesterday.”

Albrecht said the onshore flow will continue into the region Friday evening, bringing continued cooler temperatures and cleaner air through the weekend.

There’s a “small chance” for a thunderstorm to hit the area Friday night or Saturday, which is expected to have a daytime high of mid 70s, Albrecht said.

The storm that moves in on Friday will bring little to no rain, he said, though there is a chance of some measurable precipitation on Sunday.

“The good news is we will definitely see less smoke today and by tomorrow it should be a memory,” Albrecht said.