Frigid temperatures are gripping the Puget Sound region at the beginning of the new year.

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The frigid temperatures gripping the Seattle region are going to stick around the rest of this week, the National Weather Service says.

So stay bundled up if you venture out into the 20-degree lows and the highs that will barely creep above freezing.

“It looks like high temps today and tomorrow will struggle to get to freezing across most of Western Washington,” said Danny Mercer, a meteorologist with the weather service.

Mercer said the region is “locked in” to the cold weather pattern, which is also bringing dry, sunny conditions.

Expect a slight breeze, of 10-15 mph, to make it feel even colder.

Saturday, and possibly even Friday, there’s a “little shot” of some light snow in the lowlands, he said.

Skiers rejoice: The mountains are expected to get a few feet of snow into next week.