The end of this week could mark the start of the Seattle area’s wet season. The National Weather Service of Seattle is predicting winds of up to 50 mph Friday through Saturday. Also in the forecast: 10 times the precipitation we had all summer over just three days.

Friday morning may not start with steady rain, said weather service meteorologist Steve Reedy, but it should be coming down pretty heavily by midmorning. And then it will likely rain all weekend, he said.

Western Washington’s first fall weather system is headed our way Friday and will bring with it the potential for gusty winds, widespread rain, rising rivers and snow at high elevations, according to the weather service.

The atmosphere could even be unstable enough on Saturday and Sunday to bring widespread thunderstorms to the Puget Sound, Reedy said.

“When we bring the show, we bring it in big,” he said.

‘Notable shift to autumn,’ headed Seattle’s way, could spell end for wildfire risk in Western Washington

Before it hits on Friday, folks should clear the gutters and drains around them as there will be plenty of leaves blowing around once the winds hit, the weather service said on Twitter.

“Starting as clear as possible would be good!” NWS Seattle tweeted.

Winds coming from the south will start to increase early Friday morning and continue through the afternoon with gusts of up to 50 mph as the front moves through. With that comes the possibility of some power outages, the weather service said.

The winds will gradually start to ease Friday evening but will remain breezy at times through the weekend.

The forecast promises a great weekend to either stay cozy inside with a blanket and the hygge mentality or, if you love the chilly outdoors, to embrace the Scandinavian concept known as friluftsliv (pronounced “free-loofts-leev”). The term translates most directly to “free-air life,” and encompasses the concept of spending time outdoors in all seasons, a deep-seated element of life in the Nordic countries.