Expect heavy rain and strong winds in the Puget Sound region on Wednesday, but take heart and hang on — this is likely the last real storm of the season.

Up to a quarter inch of rain is expected, as are gusts up to 43 mph, according to the National Weather Service of Seattle, which issued a wind advisory for the area that includes Seattle, Tacoma, Bremerton and the Hood Canal.

Seattle meteorologist Justin Shaw said he usually doesn’t mind the clouds and gloom and rain of spring, but this year has seemed particularly miserable and even a bit insulting.

“What’s hurt is that we haven’t even been able to string together more than one nice day,” he said. “We been getting one nice day, getting our spirits lifted and then getting kicked to the curb.”

This isn’t actually the very worst, wettest and coldest spring we’ve seen, according to meteorologist Ted Buehner, who said 2019 was similar and 2011 worse, but he admits it’s gotten real old.

But there’s a big change ahead.

“Wednesday will not be pretty but once that’s past we will finally start to get higher pressure building and real springlike weather,” he said.

On Thursday, the National Weather Service is predicting some sun with a high of 58 degrees, which will gradually increase through the week until we are brushing up against 70 degrees on Sunday. Yes, really, 70!

“Just tell everybody to hang in there,” Shaw said. “I think this will be the final wound in the series of insults.”