In the Puget Sound region, there are two types of people who react to a forecast like this week’s: Those who groan at indefinite predictions of rain, rain and more rain, and those filled with utter glee at what it means for the mountain snowpack and impending ski season.

Expect widespread rain to set up camp above us on Thursday, said meteorologist Maddie Kristell of the National Weather Service in Seattle.

The rain will likely start to increase in the Puget Sound region and most of Western Washington by midday Thursday, with more of the same Friday, said NWS meteorologist Dustin Guy Wednesday evening.

“Friday is pretty much a washout,” Guy said.

Friday’s weather system could also dump up to 40 inches of snow at Paradise and may usher in the strongest winds of the season so far with gusts up to 45 mph, Kristell said.

The impact of that system will depend on whether it heads north, which would bring the strongest winds to Western Washington, or veers south, in which case it would become “more of Oregon’s problem,” Kristell said.

Guy added the big remaining question is how strong winds will be Friday night into Saturday morning.


“Stay tuned for that, and be ready for the possibility of strong winds, which could lead to the possibility of power lines down and tree damage,” he said.

Regardless, it’s expected to be rainy and cool through the weekend with highs in the 40s to low 50s.

“Sun breaks, if we get any through the weekend and into next week, will be brief at best,” Kristell said. “Things look like they will just keep going with the rain.”

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