It may be hard to believe for those who have been wearing sweaters, shivering under blankets and keeping the heat on, but the Seattle area could reach high temperatures in the upper 70s or 80s by the end of the week.

“It’s a tale of two weeks,” said Matthew Cullen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle. “It’s certainly going to be much warmer when we get to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

The early part of the week will see a continuation of the weather we’ve been having: clouds, cool temperatures and rain with some long, sunny and warm breaks.

Parts of the region received light showers and temperatures in the 60s Monday, said meteorologist Johnny Burg. Some breezy weather and widespread rain are expected Tuesday night into Wednesday, but warmer temperatures are on their way.

A high-pressure ridge is expected to start setting up over Western Washington by midweek, he said. Along with that come dryer, warmer winds from the interior of the state, cutting off the onshore marine breezes that tend to keep the region on the cool side.

“It will start to build Thursday and intensify Friday and Saturday and Sunday,” Cullen said. He said Friday and Saturday are expected to be the warmest days of the week.

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