It’s spring! At least, it’s sure going to feel like it this weekend and early next week, as we reach temperatures in the 60s on Friday and Saturday and possibly touch 70 on Sunday and Monday, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Although temperatures that warm are not unheard of at this time of year, they’ll feel especially welcome after the stretch of cooler than normal, and sometimes even brutal, lows we’ve experienced throughout the Puget Sound area these past six weeks.

“Today is the transition day,” longtime meteorologist Mike McFarland said Friday morning. “We’re coming out of a pretty long, cold streak with 40 days of below-normal high temperatures. Friday and Saturday will be nice but not that special, but on Sunday and Monday — when we start flirting with 70, it will feel good.”

McFarland said we could see some high clouds on Saturday due to a weak front moving through the area, but clear, blue skies are expected Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Both the six- to 10-day and the eight- to 14-day forecasts predict that temperatures will generally remain above the usual high of 55 over the next two weeks.

That doesn’t mean no rain or clouds are in sight, McFarland said. Next weekend, another front could bring a temporary drop in temperatures as well as some scattered showers, he said. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will get cold again.


Often, this region has what McFarland calls “a fake-out spring” in February, but because this winter has been one of surprises and extremes — and our brutal February had no false promise of warmth — all bets could be off, he said.

“Maybe that long, cool period will now be balanced out with some really nice weather,” he said. “The climate prediction center outlook indicates this little taste of spring could be the start of the real thing.”

But don’t get ahead of yourself.

“It’s going to turn out fine,” he said of the coming spring. “But don’t set out any tomato plants just yet.”

Christine Clarridge