Expect nice, clear skies and warm temperatures through the weekend. On Monday, highs could reach the low 80s, according to the National Weather Service.

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For years, Seattle Times reporter Jack Broom wrote about the weather, an often thankless task in a newsroom, but one he approached with uncommon vigor.

Broom retired in February, which means he’s not around to write about the 80-plus-degree day we’re expecting Monday. So we called him up.

“Everybody is affected by the weather and everybody wants to know what the weather’s going to be,” Broom said Friday. “All the 90-degree days last summer were a real attention getter … everyone’s talking about the weather.”

This weekend, we’re in for a less dramatic but still exciting bit of Northwest weather.

“Sunday and Monday are both looking spectacular here in the Northwest. We’re looking at temperatures well into the 70s on Sunday with nice, clear skies,” said Jay Albrecht, a National Weather Service meteorologist. “Going into Monday, we’re going to be possibly into the lower 80s.”

So we turned to Broom, the expert, for advice on how folks might spend their time in the sunshine. He always wrote poems to colleagues departing the newsroom (and even to the erstwhile ferry Kalakala).

In his honor, we’ll relay Broom’s message in verse:


Jack Broom is researching April’s all-time high,

He’ll never stop being a reporter, that guy.

He says it was ‘76 — a high of 85.

Even in retirement his curiosity thrives.

He’s got golf on Saturday and yard work Sunday,

And he’s picked up photography, which makes for a fun day.

In Monday’s heat, he’ll fix up a planter box,

He suggests people get out as we near summer’s equinox.

“It’s a great time of year to see the rebirth of plants and the arrival of color.”

How’s his golf game with more time? He says to the caller:

“I’m still pretty inconsistent,” despite time to hit balls,

That’s progress, says one source, since Jack left The Times’ halls.