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A gathering of state GOP leaders in Bellevue turned jubilant as Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election soared.

“Are we having fun yet?” asked Susan Hutchinson, the state party chair.

“Trump! Trump! Trump!” the crowd cheered as Trump built momentum.

“What you are seeing tonight is the anger in the country, the silent  majority has spoken up,” said Kay Meyers of Mukilteo, 72. “All the people who were afraid of saying they were voting for  Trump. That’s what we are seeing. It’s the frustration of the  country. It’s Brexit, all over  again,” she said, referring to the vote in England that took many by surprise, to separate from the European Union. “I am so validated,” Meyers  said. “Because I have a lot of family and friends that don’t agree with my views. The right thing to do though is to have a major  change. And we will have a major change with Donald Trump.”

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“Holy cow!” I have to admit I am kind of excited on one race tonight and I am kind of excited about the way it is going!” Secretary of State Kim Wyman said to a boisterous crowd of GOP faithful gathered at the Bellevue Hyatt on  election night.

“Please be patient, the bars are open,” was State Party Chair Susan Hutchinson’s advice to a crowd on pins and needles.