Fresh off losing the Washington gubernatorial race, GOP candidate Loren Culp says he also recently lost his job as police chief of Republic, Ferry County.

In a Facebook live video chat with supporters on Wednesday, Culp bitterly revealed that the Republic City Council had defunded its one-person police department at a recent meeting, “and away with that went my job.”

“Not even a letter or thank you. Not a plaque for 10 years of service,” said Culp. “It’s absolutely incredible. It’s unthinkable to me.”

Republic has faced declining tax revenue and had previously cut its police department from a few officers down to one. Culp, who joined the police department in 2010, was the last remaining employee. He had used up his vacation time and was on a leave of absence for the last few months as he ran for governor.

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Minutes of an Oct. 30 Republic City Council meeting confirm the council approved a “law enforcement services” agreement with the Ferry County Sheriff’s Office, whose deputies had been covering for Culp’s absence.

Officials with the city of Republic and Ferry County Sheriff Ray Maycumber did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


The vote count in the gubernatorial race shows Gov. Jay Inslee winning a third term after defeating Culp with 58.5% of the vote to Culp’s 41.2%, according to results from the Secretary of State’s Office on Wednesday night. The vote count was 2,065,188 for Inslee and 1,453,284 for Culp.

But Culp has refused to concede, claiming “irregularities” without providing evidence. “Something smells fishy. Yep. Imagine that,” he told more than 2,000 people who watched his Facebook chat.

The Washington State Republican Party has not echoed Culp’s concerns over the election supervised by Secretary of State Kim Wyman, herself a Republican.