Forecasters say Tuesday's weather won't be quite as memorable as Monday's, but it looks as if Mother Nature is making her best effort for Mother's Day weekend.

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Can we all agree that Monday was a glorious day?

Well, Tuesday isn’t likely to be a repeat. Nor Wednesday nor Thursday.

Predictions are that it will cool down for a few days, then warm up in time for Mother’s Day weekend.

A cloud bank approached Monday night about 250 miles offshore, ready to roll across the Olympic Peninsula. But the system is too weak to bring rain to Seattle, said Dana Felton, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

Temperatures are expected to reach 64 on Tuesday, dropping to 40 overnight and up to 57 on Wednesday under mostly cloudy skies.

Then the air will gradually warm to the low 70s by the weekend.

The highs on Monday — 74 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, 73 in Seattle and Bellevue — were well above the average of 65, but nowhere near the record of 81.

Despite dry weather this week, a haze of pollution is unlikely to linger over the city. There are sufficient winds aloft to keep the air moving, Felton said. Light winds are forecast, at up to 10 mph, the next two days.

A half-dozen kayakers and a half-dozen stand-up paddle surfers were on the water Monday evening on Elliott Bay, where Alki Kayak Tours was planning a sunset excursion.

“We’ve been lucky this season. The hot days have been on the weekends,” said employee Johnny Streeter.

Cayuse Pass, at the junction of highways 410 and 123 east of Mount Rainier, is expected to reopen to traffic Tuesday. And snow clearing is almost done on the North Cascades Highway, which should be ready to reopen late this week, said the state Department of Transportation (DOT). A reopening hasn’t been set for Chinook Pass, where the DOT says efforts to clear the highway were slowed by a mudslide.

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