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For Seattle-area residents hoping to catch a glimpse or two of the northern lights today, your opportunities will be slim to none, according to the National Weather Service.

Increasing clouds and a cold front are set to hit the region tonight, making aurora borealis virtually impossible to see from the Emerald City, says Jeff Michalski, National Weather Service meteorologist in Seattle.

“We have a pretty high confidence you won’t see them,’ he said.

That being said, Dennis D’Amico, another National Weather Service meteorologist, said “the further south you go, the better your chances will be.”

Olympia, maybe, or Portland.

In Seattle, not so much, as we’ve said.

Although we’ll enjoy spring-like temperatures in the upper 50s and maybe 60 today, the cold and the rain are on the way back. Michalski said to expect rain showers and temperatures in the 50s on Friday and down to the 40s through the weekend.