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Originally identified as a mountain goat, this domestic sheep found Monday on Beacon Hill, is still at the Seattle Animal Shelter. (Seattle Animal Shelter photo)

The full-grown, curly-horned animal a Seattle police officer found trotting around Beacon Hill Monday is actually a mystery breed of sheep, not a mountain goat as police officers and the Seattle Animal Shelter thought at first.

A Department of Fish and Wildlife officer came by the shelter today and told  shelter workers he thought the animal was a sheep, likely a cross between St. Croix and a Barbados sheep breeds.

What is for sure is that it’s a domesticated animal, and the shelter is trying to find its owner, said Don Baxter, manager of the shelter’s animal care and volunteers. No one has called to claim the animal, which the Seattle Animal Shelter is obligated to hold for only 72 hours, he said.

“The goal would be to find a rescue, not a food production place,” Baxter said. “We don’t want it to be a meal. We want it be someone’s pet.”

If the owner does not come forward, Baxter said, the shelter will likely find a home for the sheep outside Seattle city limits since most Seattle residences don’t have enough land to satisfy zoning ordinances.