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On Monday afternoon, a 9-day-old otter pup does what it does best sleep. The pup’s mother, Aniak, who gave birthJan. 14, perched the pup on her belly, often with both paws wrapped around it.

Occasionally, though, Aniak would leave the pup on a ledge while mom twirled in the water, scratching and fluffing her fur for a few minutes before scooping the pup up and resuming her circuit around the pool, which they shared with the pup’s grandmother, Lootas.

The pup cried occasionally a loud, sharp, high-pitched yeep when separated from its mother.

Because of the pup’s deeply dense fur, aquarium staff have yet to determine if it’s a boy or girl. If it’s a female, it will remain at the Seattle Aquarium. If it’s a male, the pup would eventually compete with its father, Adaa, and would have to be transferred to another aquarium.

Check visiting hours on the Seattle Aquarium website.

Below is a clip of Aniak dropping off her pup on a ledge, catching a few minutes away from the pup while it slept.

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