Editor’s note: The assault charge against Dennis F. Amoateng was dismissed in December.

The University of Washington rescinded a job offer from its incoming deputy Title IX coordinator after he was charged with assault in another state for a domestic-violence incident.

In that role, Dennis F. Amoateng would have been in charge of overseeing the university office that investigates reports of discrimination, including domestic violence.

But after the UW offered him the position, Amoateng was charged in Nebraska’s Lancaster County Court with assault and battery May 6.

The UW had conducted a background check before offering Amoateng the job, which he was supposed to start on May 22, university spokesman Victor Balta said.

The charges stem from the early morning of May 4, when officers from the Lincoln Police Department responded to a hang-up 911 call at an apartment. Amoateng’s wife told police Amoateng grabbed her wrist, leaving a bruise, and then threw her down onto boxes when she refused to give him her phone. Police found injuries consistent with her account, according to a police report.


Amoateng said he didn’t touch her, according to a police report. Police said Amoateng’s wife told them there had been other “domestic issues” in the past.

UW administrators learned of the arrest from an employee who read about it in an article from the student paper at private Doane University, where Amoateng has been the Title IX coordinator, Balta said.

Amoateng announced in April that he would be leaving Doane for UW, according to the student paper, The Doane Owl. After verifying the arrest, UW rescinded its job offer May 13, Balta said.

Amoateng will next appear in court June 3.

This post has been updated to reflect that the position is deputy Title IX coordinator, not director.