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A car involved in a high-speed chase is blocked in by police vehicles on Eighth Avenue Northeast NE at NE 67th St. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

A car suspected of being involved in a high speed chase is blocked in by police vehicles on 8th Ave. NE at NE 67th St., Friday. May 11, 2012, Seattle. This shows how close it got to getting on Northbound I-5. The on ramp is two blocks away. 120820

UPDATE 10:11 p.m. | Seattle police say just one pedestrian was hit and another person was  injured diving out of the speeding car’s path.

EARLIER POST | A stolen car being pursued by police hit two pedestrians and three vehicles — two of them police cars — tonight in the midst of the PhinneyWood ArtWalk.

The condition of the pedestrians is not known, but Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson, who was at the scene, said he did not believe either of them had life-threatening injuries, although at least one of them was taken to a hospital.

The suspect was taken to Harborview Medical Center, Jamieson said, to be checked out before he is booked. Jamieson said the man, believed to be in his 20s, was suspected of being under the influence.

The incident began in the Greenlake neighborhood about 6:30 p.m. Friday, Jamieson said, when officers spotted a Honda that had been reported as stolen. They located the owner, who decided to come get the car. Officers left the car, but not too long afterward saw it being driven. They knew the driver wasn’t the owner, who was coming from some distance, Jamieson said.

When they began following the car, the driver took off. After being briefly stuck in traffic, the driver of the stolen car intentionally rammed a patrol car, Jamieson said, then struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk at North 73rd and Greenwood Avenue North and took off.

Orhun Uygur, the manager of Turabi, an Oriental rug store at North 73rd and Greenwood, said he saw a white car clip a police car then continue into a crosswalk where a group of people were standing at the light.

Several people saw the car coming and jumped out of the way, but an older man did not get clear and was hit in the leg, he said.

The police car made a 180-degree turn and tore off down the street after the white car, he said.

Because the PhinneyWood ArtWalk is tonight and tomorrow, the sidewalks are crowded with hundreds of people.

After hitting one pedestrian and a police car, the suspect kept going down Greenwood, where another pedestrian may have sustained some minor injuries at North 87th Street, Jamieson said. Then the fleeing the car hit another police car and a civilian car.

At some point, Jamieson said, the officers stopped aggressively pursuing the suspect, because it was deemed too dangerous.

But they kept monitoring the suspect, who headed back over to the Greenlake area, where officers arrested him, Jamieson said.