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Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies confiscated an inert grenade from a student who planned to bring the device to Gold Bar Elementary School this morning.

Deputies were summoned just before 9 a.m. by school officials who had taken the grenade from a student, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  The grenade was described as a  “dummy inert” grenade and did not contain explosives.

It was turned over to the State Patrol Interagency Explosives Unit for disposal, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Sultan School District Superintendent Dan Chaplik said the student purchased the realistic-looking grenade over the weekend at some sort of show at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe.  The child, whose age and grade were not disclosed, reportedly intended to bring the device the school to show friends or for show and tell, Chaplik said.

However, a school bus driver saw the grenade in the student’s hand while en route to school and contacted the school’s principal, he said. The driver stopped at a location off school grounds and students were evacuated from the bus. The grenade was then taken from the child, he said.

Chaplik said the district is weighing the appropriate discipline. He said the school principal and the district’s resource officer — a Snohomish County deputy — went to the child’s home today and “walked away feeling there was no mal-intent, no effort to scare anyone or hurt anyone.”