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With the recent move of the Times’ newsroom, I’ve had to pack and unpack a lot of my artwork. And in the process, I’ve found some sketches I have never blogged about. Here are some of them (the art department scanner is not plugged in yet so I took photos with my iPhone!)
You can see this model of a 795-foot-long Korean cargo ship at the lobby of the Port of Seattle offices on Alaskan Way. I sketched it in July of 2010 while waiting for media relations officer Peter McGraw, who took me on a tour of Terminal 18 and Pier 91 at the Smith Cove Terminal.
I sketched this other page last October on my way to Capitol Hill. First at the bus stop on Denny Way, where you can’t miss that big greyhound painted on the building, and later at 15th Avenue East, during the transfer to bus 10. You may recognize a few of the pedestrians: the smoker, the hurried man and the iPoder. I was on my way to observe “Día de los Muertos” with a visit to Lakeview Cemetery.