Memorial Day weekend traffic got off to a bad start Friday morning, thanks to two moose on the loose.

The moose blocked a stretch of Interstate 90 outside Spokane, forcing both westbound and eastbound lanes to briefly close as Washington State Troopers attempted to corral the animals away from road danger.

The Washington State Department of Transportation reported the sighting about 10:30 a.m. on Twitter. Though, initially, WSDOT could only illustrate the situation with an artistic rendering (not to scale).

Washington State Patrol performed a “rolling slowdown” to move the two moose away from the highway, near the Appleway exit near Liberty Lake, according to WSDOT.

Highway cameras captured images of the moose on some grass near the roads before they hid in nearby bushes.

Traffic backed up to two miles before both lanes were eventually reopened just before noon. WSDOT said travelers should expect continued delays in the area.

“Please be patient as traffic gets back up to speed and stay focused on the roads,” WSDOT said on Twitter.