has checked out many a rumor in our region. What did they find?

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Here is a sampling of rumors of interest to our region that have been investigated by


• Did Seattle Police Confiscate a Man’s Guns Without a Warrant? False

• Is this Really an Electric Car from 1905?  Mostly true

• Did a Former Army Sniper Shoot Three Intruders in an Adjacent Home? False


• Rogue Amazon Drone Delivers Bomb to White House? False

• Do Amazon Employees Qualify for Food Stamps? Mixture of true and false

• Did Amazon’s Alexa Order Unwanted Dollhouses for a Little Girl and TV Viewers? Unproven

Bill Gates

• Did Bill Gates Admit Vaccinations Are Designed So Governments Can Depopulate the World?  False

• Bill Gates explains to a waiter why he left a much smaller tip than his son did.  False

Would You Have Invested?  True


• Did Starbucks Announce ‘Patrons of Color’ Can Go to the Head of the Line? False

• Did Starbucks Refuse Free Product to Marines Serving in Iraq? False

• Did Starbucks Place Trump’s Photo on the Floor So Every Customer Has to Step on It? False