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Trooper Bart Maupin and the injured seagull.

A seagull got an unexpected birds-eye view of a traffic stop last week after a State Patrol trooper rescued the injured bird in Blaine.

On July 30, Trooper Bart Maupin responded to a report of a “large bird in the road” on Interstate 5 just south of the Canadian border, according to the State Patrol.  The bird had apparently suffered a broken wing and was sitting on the center line when Maupin arrived on the scene.

Maupin placed the bird in the backseat of his patrol car and was driving to a wildlife rehabilitation center when he got another call: a driver had fled from another trooper and Maupin responded to assist with containment. That driver was arrested.

The seagull eventually made it to Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Deming, where its wing was treated, the State Patrol says.