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A Washington State Patrol trooper was injured Saturday morning during a roadside stop.

According to Trooper Mark Francis, the trooper made a traffic stop around 8 a.m., on Interstate 5 just north of Marysville. The trooper pulled to the shoulder in front of the other driver and put his car in park. The driver of the other vehicle apparently didn’t come to a complete stop.

“She ran into the back of him,” Francis said.

It is unclear why the trooper parked in front of the other driver, rather than behind her, as is typical, Francis added. Also unclear is why the woman’s vehicle did not stop.

“I don’t think she was trying to escape,” he said. “Usually if they’re going to hit you intentionally, they’re going more than 10 to 15 m.p.h.”

The trooper suffered neck and back pain and was taken to Colby Hospital. The woman had a cut lip when her airbag deployed, but suffered no other injuries, according to Francis. At this point, he did not have details of why the woman was pulled over in the first place. The incident is under investigation.

Don’t know what stopping her for.