BURLINGTON, Wash. (AP) — A Sauk-Suiattle tribal police officer pleaded not guilty Monday to one count of harassment after he allegedly got into an altercation outside a Burlington bar and threatened people with a loaded handgun.

Leventine James Hall, 29, is charged in Skagit County Superior Court with one count of harassment with threats to kill after the March 23 incident, the Skagit Valley Herald reported. The charge also has a weapon enhancement, which would increase any punishment.

Hall had been drinking at the bar when he tried to break up an altercation between two men while he was leaving, according to court documents.

Hall, who was reportedly intoxicated, was pushed to the ground, got up, walked to the vehicle he had arrived in and pulled out a loaded handgun. He then allegedly ejected a live round, making threats toward the other two men.

Hall was booked into the Skagit County Community Justice Center and later released after posting $25,000 bail.

A condition of his release on bail was that he is not to own or possess firearms — a condition his lawyer on Monday asked Judge Laura Riquelme to lift so that Hall could return to patrol duty. Hall is currently on administrative leave, his lawyer told Riquelme.

Riquelme denied the request, but stated Hall can renew the request should his superiors give him permission to return to patrol duty. Hall’s lawyer also said he intends to show that some level of self-defense was involved during the incident.