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Many Seattle Times readers are eager to jump on the new light rail extension to Capitol Hill and the University of Washington when it opens on March 19.

Of the 124 people who have filled out our reader survey, 57 said they plan to ride the new extension occasionally, while 18 said they will never use it. Twenty-five people said they will ride daily, and 24 will ride once a week or so.

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Cheryl Hanson of Renton said the extension will make it easier for her to go out in Capitol Hill. Sixty-nine of those who responded to the survey said they will use University Link to shop, dine or go to sporting events.

“It gives me (a south-end resident) more options for being car free in Seattle — particularly when I am going to or from Capitol Hill for concerts, restaurants, seeing friends, etc. I lived in Capitol Hill from 1995 to 2000 and so wish this had existed then! It’s not all our region needs in transit, but it’s another step in the right direction.”

Toni Lally said the extension could open up education opportunities: “I would like to take classes at UW. I live in Des Moines and hate to drive to Seattle. The light rail would make going to UW feasible, especially with a parking garage at South 200th Street.”

Even though the new service won’t get very close to West Seattle, Jeffrey Wilson said his commute to UW will become significantly shorter by riding light rail: “From the West Seattle water-taxi dock at Pier 50, I will now use the light rail from Pioneer Square station to the UW station instead of the bus. The bus stop at Highway 520 caused a much longer walk to UW.”

Chris Robinson of Rainier Beach is another commuter looking forward to opening day: “I live three blocks from the Rainier Beach station and go to UW. I work at Din Tai Fung at (University) Village, too, so yeah, I’ll use the heck out of it!”

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