10 things we learned from Pronto bike-share data, which has been shared with the public for a data-visualization contest called the Pronto Data Challenge.

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Pronto, Seattle’s bike-share program, is approaching a crossroads. The city is planning to take over the program, and hopes to expand its footprint. It could add electric bikes to Pronto’s offerings.

Meantime, the nonprofit currently running Pronto is holding a data and visualization challenge to encourage the public to examine how people are using the system. A full year of the network’s data is available online.

Entries are due by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11, and a number of prizes are on the line.

As we wait for visualizations of more than 142,000 Pronto trips, here are 10 things to know about Pronto:

• More than 77 percent of the trips taken by Pronto members last year were by men.

• Most trips (57 percent) were taken by people ages 25-35.

• 61 percent of trips were taken by Pronto annual passholders.

• No surprise, Pronto riders are traveling downhill more often than not. Just 35 percent of rides started at a lower elevation than they ended.

• Riders took relatively short trips. The average trip was a little more than 20 minutes. Pronto members spent just 10 minutes on an average trip. Short-term passholders (24 hours or three days), meanwhile, took 36 minutes per trip.

• Pronto trips peaked in July.

• More people rode Pronto on Thursday than any other day of the week. On Sunday, trips dipped substantially.

• The afternoon commute (4-6 p.m.) saw the most Pronto traffic.

• The busiest Pronto stations (both departures and arrivals) are in the downtown core, on the waterfront and in South Lake Union. Top 5 stations: Pier 69 (Alaskan Way and Clay Street), 2nd Avenue and Pine Street, 3rd Avenue and Broad Street, Westlake Avenue and Sixth Avenue, Ninth Avenue and Westlake.

• The most common trip was from Pier 69 … right back to Pier 69. The bikes were likely used by tourists because about 89 percent of these trips were made by short-term passholders and the average trip lasted a rather high 52 minutes.